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    2017 PFA Season

    Posted by Jay Davis in News >> 2017 PFA Season

    Welcome to the 2017 Pickering Fastball Association season.
    There have been a lot of changes to the PFA starting with the upcoming 2017 season.
    1) New League Executive:
    President - Ken Karpa
    Vice President - Glen Sellars
    Treasurer - Jim Gauvin
    Convener - Brandon Rogers
    2) The PFA will no longer use a "Draft" format but instead will have "Team Entries". Each team is allowed a maximum of 15 players and is responsible for signing of all team players.
    3) There is no longer a "Registration" form for single player entry into the league. Players will sign with each individual team. Team rosters must be handed in by July 1st. After July 1st, there will be no changes to team rosters. However, if a replacement is needed due to injuries or job change then will be up to League Executive for approval.
    4) Single players or full teams wanting to join the PFA are invited to send in their application by contacting Ken Karpa (see contact info below) as names will be given to teams whom may require additional players. If a team entry slot opens up teams can be added from wait list.
    5) There is no "Ladies Division" for 2017 and therefore we will take advantage of the extra diamond time slot available at Dunmoore.
    6) Pitching - The PFA is opening up the level or calibre of pitchers, but will have a limit on each individual to be decided by League Executive.
    7) All level of players are welcome for all other positions (hitting and defence).
    8) The 2017 PFA will be a 10 team league. Each team will play 20 regular games and all teams will be in playoffs.
    9) All games will be played at Dunmoore Park on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday's with early game beginning at 6:45 and late game at 8:30.
    10) League play is to begin May 15th.
    11) There will be a "Legends Tournament" night for past and some present players of the PFA - Jay Davis will run this Tournament again.
    12) There will be a "Pickering Tournament" to be held on Fathers Day weekend - June 16th. They are looking for up to 16 teams  - Dave Northern will be running this tournament so please contact Dave to enter a team.
    For returning players please note that the format of play has not changed ie: all players will bat etc. Basically, except for a few small rule changes everything is the same as in previous seasons. We expect and are excited about the increase in level of play in are league. This will keep interest in are league strong for upcoming seasons and for the overall future of Fastball and the PFA.
    Please feel free to contact me with any applications, questions, comments, news, etc.
    Ken Karpa
    Cell:  - 416-526-0095

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